The Flo Pro Fresh Water Series 195 marine waterjet propulsion systems are manufactured by Flo Pro Marine Limited in Christchurch, New Zealand.

They have been designed and built to give maximum performance, economy and ease of operation under a variety of water conditions.

Based on the multi-stage axial-flow waterjets pioneered by CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd., the Flo Pro Fresh Water Series 195 marine waterjet propulsion systems are the result of more than 30 years racing experience used to refine and develop an already proven propulsion concept to deliver outstanding levels of durability and performance. For example, the stainless steel stator vanes are standard and are unique to this waterjet.

The Flo Pro Fresh Water Series 195 waterjet propulsion systems are designed for the efficient propulsion of small to medium-sized, high speed (greater than 20 knots) planing vessels utilizing petrol or lightweight high-speed diesel engines.

Built for high-performance, the Flo Pro Fresh Water Series 195 waterjet propulsion systems are constructed in light alloy and stainless steel materials machined to exacting tolerances. They are currently available in 2 models:

  • 195-2 two stage (two impellers) axial-flow
  • 195-3 three stage (three impellers) axial-flow

The 195-2 two stage axial-flow waterjet is ideally suited to medium capacity engines producing from 100 to 200HP, while the 195-3 three stage axial-flow waterjet can handle higher power inputs to 500HP. The three stage waterjets move a greater volume of water under increased pressure meaning a higher payload can be carried or a larger boat can be used.

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Flo Pro Marine Limited reserves the right to change or improve the design of any products previously assembled without notice or without obligation.

The Flo Pro Marine waterjet propulsion systems and associated parts are only sold by our Sole Agents and Distributors.

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Avon Engineering & Mechanical Limited

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Hamilton Jet Victoria

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